Investment objectives

To create a bespoke investment portfolio that aligns with the Catholic Values Investment policy, and that maximises opportunities while reducing risk in line with your risk/return preferences.

Investor profile

Individually Managed Accounts are for investors with at least $10 million to invest who are seeking a bespoke investment portfolio tailored to meet their specific needs.

Investment philosophy

Our expert investment team employs a flexible and forward thinking process that helps us anticipate market changes and protect your wealth. Our investment department monitors and reviews Individually Managed Accounts regularly to ensure ongoing performance and risk management are aligned to your individual return/risk preferences.

Catholic Values Investment Policy

Investments must qualify on investment fundamentals and are then screened for compliance with our Catholic Values Investment policy. Global equities and property assets are invested via existing wholesale unlisted Trusts. Therefore, the application of the policy within these asset classes is on a 'best fit' basis and some restricted activities maybe permitted.

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