Who can invest?

CCI Asset Management Individually Managed Accounts are only available to Church organisations

These bespoke accounts suit investors wishing to ensure their investments are managed in line with Catholic principles, and who have specific requirements of their investments.

The minimum initial investment amount is $10 million.

The Individually Managed Account process

We take the time to personally understand your unique situation and financial goals. We consider things like your need for growth, income, or capital preservation, and how you wish to balance risk against security. Only when we have the complete picture do we begin creating your investment strategy. Your portfolio is then tailored to achieve your specific set of requirements. Ours is a genuinely bespoke service producing one of a kind investment portfolios for each and every client.

We base all our investment decisions on a patient, disciplined, and methodical analysis of economic and market fundamentals. This results in superior risk-adjusted returns.

The ongoing management of portfolios involves the assessment of a number of key factors such as interest rates, global market influences, other macroeconomics, and how these factors may impact the future expected return and volatility of your investment strategy.

We take care of the day-to-day management of your investment and make investment decisions on your behalf, in line with your return and risk preferences. This allows us to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.

We also have a comprehensive risk management process that runs parallel to our investment and management processes. This ensures we understand and manage risks at all points of the investment cycle. Nothing is left to chance.

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