When we strike a unit price, the assets of each trust are valued and expenses (such as management fees) are deducted to derive the net asset value of the trust. The net asset value is divided by the number of units on issue in the relevant trust to determine the unit price.

  • Your holding balance will be expressed in units as well as dollars for each trust you have invested in
  • The current balance of your CCI Asset Management investment can be calculated by multiplying the number of units held by the latest redemption unit price available
  • The unit price moves up and down depending on the performance of the underlying assets held in the trust
  • When a deposit or withdrawal is made, units are allocated to, or redeemed from your account
  • CCI Asset Management strike a daily unit price and this is available on this website, or by contacting CCI Asset Management by telephone or e-mail

We may at any time and at our discretion alter the value of an underlying investment in the Trusts so as to accurately reflect its true value. Full details are contained within our pricing policy which is available from CCI Asset Management.

Unit Prices (Quotes in AUD)